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How to dispose of your (hazardous) Waste

Disposing of Hazardous Waste In conjunction with the Safe Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Campaign, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center has set up a dedicated HHW collection point to encourage team members, visitors to the facility and the public to dispose...

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International Schools in Kuala Lumpur

Alice Smithhttp://www.alice-smith.edu.my/ Australian International School of Kuala Lumpurwww.aism.edu.my/ British International School of Kuala Lumpurwww.britishschool.edu.my/ Fairview International Schoolwww.fairview.edu.my/‎ French School of Kuala...

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Getting Around in KL

Driving In KL You are allowed to drive in Malaysia with a foreign license for 3 months and for 1 year if you have an international license. Several countries have an agreement with Malaysia that allows for an immediate conversion (see the following webpage...

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