Getting Around in KL

Driving In KL

You are allowed to drive in Malaysia with a foreign license for 3 months and for 1 year if you have an international license. Several countries have an agreement with Malaysia that allows for an immediate conversion (see the following webpage Be aware that a foreign license requires a translation/certification from the country’s embassy and many embassies will not do this for non-citizens.

Canada does not have a two-way agreement with Malaysia with regard to driver’s licenses. As a result the conversion process is not automatic. That being said, it is a do-able procedure:

1. Bring the following documents to any Road Transport Department (RTD) state office or directly to the RTD headquarters in Putrajaya:
Completed JPJL2 form
Original and copy of valid driver’s licence
English translation of the driving licence by Canadian High Commission
Original and copy of Passport

Your application needs to be approved by the Director General, RTD.

2. Once you have the approval letter, you have one year in order to submit the following documents to convert your license:
JPJL1 form
Original and photostat copy of your driver’s license
Original and copy of your passport (your working visa or dependent’s pass needs to be valid for a minimum of 6 months at time of application)
One colour photograph (25 m x 32 mm)

Processing fee – RM 20
License fee – RM 30 for car/ year or RM 20 for a motorcycle license

Application rejected?

If your application is rejected then you may have to go through the process of enrolling in driving classes and taking written and practical exams. Recommendations from fellow expats on driving schools and private lessons with English instructors:

Mr. Anwar 019 341 8468 (Ampang)
Jaya Driving School 603 2094 1457 (Bangsar)

If all else fails….


The quality of the vehicle and the driver varies a lot. The Blue taxis are typically a better vehicle and the drivers will sometimes have a GPS to guide them. This is a very complicated city to navigate and even the taxi drivers don’t know all locations. Before getting in a taxi, make sure the driver knows where he/she is going. An app you definitely want to download on your phone for navigating your new city – WAZE – you will never get lost.

Grab –
Blue Taxi –; 6018-2109259 – metered taxi, better vehicle, metered, good for airport transfer, expect to pay moreMyTeksi – licensed drivers and trackable taxi rides; download the app to your phone
Uber Taxi – licensed drivers, trackable ride, online payment system, download to your phone


The Light Rapid Transit system is very modern and clean and is particularly useful if you live in the city core.

Car Rental

WS Rent-a-Car (Ampang) 03 4256 6999